Your Key Language Center, Quezon City

Your Key Language Center

Your Key Language Center is a top-notch langauge training center located in the heart of Quezon City. Using learner-based training programs, Your Key specializes in English proficiency, language training, academic tutorial, consultancy, and job assistance. Inspired by the love of language and desire to share knowledge, Your Key aims to provide outstanding and comprehensive language training to everyone who needs it.

We use the learner-based teaching philosophy. Unlike traditional instructions where lessons are simply delivered by the teacher, we highly consider our learners' points of view. We pay attention to the subject matters that they want to focus on more and their priorities and preferences – whether speaking, writing, listening, or confidence-building. We are also capable of determining opportunities for improvement and looking for the appropriate methods in which they can respond more effectively.

Your Key takes pride in delivering advanced language learning techniques and innovative approaches in molding minds, enhancing perspectives, and boosting one's confidence. Established primarily to help our students reach their academic and professional goals in life, our programs, and the way we deliver them to you, serve as your key to success; your key to the world.

Who We Are

Your Key is composed of a team of highly-talented and knowledgeable trainers who have years of experience in teaching English and other languages from reputable institutions. With the mix of native speakers and local trainers with high competency, our team of teachers, tutors, and trainers offer, not
only theoretical concepts by the book, but a deeper and more personal touch of learning strategies.

We utilize learner-based training strategies and do away from the traditional lectures, making our
classes fun, interactive, and productive.

Our lead trainer works hands-on in heading the operations of the organization. He is an English Native
Speaker, and well-experienced in General and Business English.

Our Specializations

Our key programs include, but are not limited to, English training, courses on foreign languages, academic tutorials, and consultancy and HR assistance. We provide various levels of English mastery training according to our students' needs. We have basic and conversational English, business writing and public speaking, call center English, and proficiency examinations review.

The list of our foreign language training programs, on the other hand, includes Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, and Italian among others. We have highly competent foreign language teachers to provide outstanding training services.

For our academic tutorials, we provide group and one-on-one classes for general subjects such as basic math, algebra, history, social science, biology, chemistry, and physics to name some. Our pool of specialized teachers from reputable academic institutions teach and guide our students according to their needs, preferences, and goals in school, no matter what year level they are in.

Other related services we offer include online instructing, off-site classes, translation, consultancy, and HR and recruitment assistance. We help qualified students with great potential get ideal jobs according to their strengths and capabilities.

What Makes Us Different

Your Key is not your typical language training center.

As much as possible, we do away from traditional training practices and common teaching strategies that you find in typical learning centers. Our unique, “learner-based” approach comes with language practice activities that focus on knowledge, experience, and expertise that our students develop starting day one of their training.

Everyone from the team is hands on, including our lead trainer. We are not one of those training centers in which the company head is not a language trainer, but merely a business owner who cares and talks only about money. Our main focus is providing knowledge and a beneficial learning experience.

We provide a conducive learning venue for our students which is ideal in developing concentration and acquiring new knowledge. We offer one-on-one training and group classes with a maximum of six (6) students per class. Unlike traditional training centers that hold up to 40 students in their classes, we make sure that our training sessions are more personal, intimate, and stick to our students’ experience.

Finally, we care about you and your dreams. Others may be promoting and labelling themselves as your guide or your mentor; we’re not. We’re more than your trainers; we are “your key to success.”


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ID: 106896642  Your Key Language Center, Quezon City
ID: 106896642
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Unit 2B forab Bldg. 121 Kamuning Road, Quezon City 1103, Philippines
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